There’s more to industrial jobs than the parts needed. Often you need to prepare, clean up, and keep the area the way it needs to be. That’s another area where Akron Bearing can help!  We have the full line of Sprayon, Krylon, and CRC products, many of which are in stock here.

Sprayon is a leading manufacturer of industrial lubricants, cleaners and degreasers, and specialty application products. Sprayon products are designed to help you preserve and protect you equipment in the industrial world as well as your everyday uses. Krylon has industrial indoor/outdoor paint and coatings. Everything from painting the walls of your house to painting lines on your local football or athletic field. Akron Bearing has a vast inventory of Sprayon products ready for you to purchase at any given moment. We also have a broad variety of industrial spray paints and field markers.

CRC is a manufacturer of industrial chemicals for maintenance and repair for electrical and industrial equipment. Akron Bearing carries an inventory of CRC products ranging from brake and contact cleaners to lubricants and penetrating oils.

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