Akron Bearings boasts a large selection of bronze & oilite material from our inventory. Our suppliers include Isostatic Industries, IDC-USA, Bunting Bearing, Diversified Bronze, American Sleeve Bearing & many, more.

Here are some of the products we can offer:

Product - Bronze.jpg
  • Cast Bronze & Oilite straight bushings
  • Oilite flanged bushings
  • Oilite thrust washers
  • Continuous cast bronze bar stock, solid & cored 13” long 
  • Powdered metal bronze (Oilite) bar stock, solid & cored 6-1/2” long 
  • Solid & cored 5” long Super Oilube bar stock
  • Powdered metal bronze discs, plates & rectangle stock
  • TU style self lubricating bearings
  • Rexnord Duralon

Don’t see the size or material you need? Give us a call; our suppliers can make the size you need in a timely manner

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