Getting your parts from one place to the next is a very important step in the processes of many of our customers. That’s why Akron Bearing offers many products to help. Two of the most common are known by the trade names TableTop and MatTop (from Rexnord). 

We can also help with rubber belt conveyors, like those at sand and gravel plants.  We have belts made from a wide variety of materials in almost any size to fit your application, as well as many of the other components like idler rollers, drive pulleys, and drive packages.

Another common method of conveying is the auger, or screw conveyor. Based on an idea as old as Archimedes, these use the rotation of a central screw to move products along a track. They can be long or short, can go up inclines and even straight up! Akron Bearing has the expertise to help you with your particular screw conveyor needs. We can help design a new system, or get the parts you need to repair your existing one. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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