Gearing, especially gearboxes (like speed reducers and ratio multipliers), are one of the major workhorses of industrial power transmission. They come in many shapes, sizes, strengths, and gear types, including worm, helical, beveled, or planetary gears. 

Each type of option has its own advantages and disadvantages and that’s where the expertise of the Akron Bearing Company can help make your life easier. We know to use a worm unit when compact design and ease of installation is needed, and we know to use a helical unit to handle large amounts of torque.

We can also help with integral gearbox and motor assemblies. These are unit which include an electric motor already assembled to the gear box. This can make the whole process simpler and quicker, saving time on the installation of a new unit.

Open gearing is the guts of an enclosed gearbox just exposed to the world. Common examples are spur gear, bevel and miter gears, and worm gears. We also can help with gear rack. Stop by our store or give a call today to find out how we can help you with any and all of your gearing needs!

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