Two of the most important things that must be accomplished in order to extend bearing life is to keep lubrication in, and contamination out. That’s the important function of a seal. There are many types of seals that can serve various functions.

The most common type is a rotary lip seal, which consist of a rubber lip which contacts a rotating shaft in order to keep lubrication inside where it’s needed and keep the dirt and moisture out.  Akron Bearing stocks and incredible range of lip seals from some of the most well known and respected manufacturers in the world. We have inch, metric, and combination sizes, and most of our lip seals have a spring which helps hold the lip tight to the shaft. We can interchange many OEM seal part numbers into industrial standards to get you what you need at a reasonable price.

Akron Bearing can also help with mechanical pump seals. These consist of a seat and head which mate together to keep fluids where they need to be inside of a pump. We carry pump seals in many sizes, and can identify them based on the size of the old seal that’s being replaced, or sometimes from the original manufacturer’s part number. Give a call or stop by with your pump seal and see how we can help you!

We also have other miscellaneous types of seals here in stock. We stock standard o-rings in a variety of materials. We also have v-rings and way wipers.

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